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SAT exam

The SAT is one of two standardized college admissions tests in the U.S. The new, redesigned test was first administered in March 2016. There is on-going debate about which test is better -- the SAT or ACT. There isn’t a simple answer to this question, as each test has a different format and a different focus. At SuperScores Prep, we advise each new student to take a full SAT and a full ACT to see which test plays to his/her strengths and provides the best shot at a high score. We encourage our students to come into our offices or let us send the exams via email so that we can administer realistic tests. And by the way, we NEVER charge an extra fee for testing: administering in-office practice tests is a service we're happy to provide because we feel that practice is crucial to success. In fact, we encourage our students to come in to take mock exams as frequently as they can.


ACT exam

The ACT is an achievement test that measures what you’ve learned in school. The ACT tests school-based knowledge rather than the reasoning skills and aptitude tested by the SAT. For example, the questions and passages on the Reading section are much more direct than those on the comparable SAT sections, which tend to be more  abstruse and complex. But the ACT sections are FAST! You have to be able to read  and comprehend quickly – much more so than on the SAT. Which test you take  depends on the kind of student, or thinker, you are. Are you a practical, direct thinker or are you more of a critical thinker who likes to figure things out? The good news is that both tests are accepted and treated equally by the majority of  American colleges, so you should take the test that’s more suited to the type of student  you are. And even better news, the prep for both tests is very similar, so if you start  preparing for the SAT and decide, with your tutors, that the ACT is a better choice,  most of the material is the same. You just need to get used to a different format. At  SuperScores Prep, we test in our Westchester, N.Y. offices and via email, so you can take both tests and see which one is better for you.



At SuperScores Prep, we believe that one of the most important elements of college applications is the essay. After all, applicants to any particular school are, for the most part, at the same level – similar test scores, GPAs, extra curricular activities, etc. – and so it is the essay that sets students apart. This is your chance to shine, your opportunity to show the colleges who you are and what makes you special. We will guide you through your Common App Essay and all of your supplements, from that first crucial brainstorming session through the final edit. We keep you on track to submit all of your essays on time and to ensure that each one perfectly represents you. We advise you and help structure your essays, making sure you are answering the prompts you’ve chosen, but we won’t write them for you. That’s your job, and we believe that the best essay you can write is the one that comes from you, that is in your own voice. We give you the tools, we coach you whenever you need us, and then we let you fly.


Do you have any questions for me?

So simple, right? But that’s the quintessential question asked at probably every interview – college or job interview – ever conducted. And yet that’s the question that stumps so many applicants. If you’re the applicant who doesn't ask any questions, you will seem uninterested or complacent, and asking a “wrong” question can set you on the fastest track to college rejection. For anyone who thinks there are no wrong questions (or answers), think again. At SuperScores Prep, we’ll conduct mock college interviews with you so that you’re ready for that question and many, many others. We’ll coach you through interview techniques from that first ultra-important strong handshake (accompanied by serious eye contact) through the really tough questions to the crucial thank-you note. You’ll ace your college interviews, and you’ll ultimately use those interviews as training for your first job interviews. SuperScores Prep will become the gift that keeps on giving: the training you’ll receive from us will serve you long after you’ve paid your college deposit, even long after graduation. You provide the enthusiasm and motivation and we will teach you the skills to get into college and to get on with your life.