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susan welsh

Susan Welsh has been working with students in the Westchester County area for over 25 years to prepare them for the math sections of the SATs, ACTs, and other college preparatory exams. Susan provides her students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and teaches the most efficient ways to approach challenging math questions.  She equips students with the best practices for study habits and imparts helpful college insight.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in education from Boston University and earned her Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from the College of New Rochelle.

Susan’s previous experience as a high school teacher of students with learning disabilities has enabled her to guide students at all learning levels, and her love of teaching young adults can be seen in the passion and drive she has for each of her students to succeed.  She strongly feels that it is not only important to teach specific math approaches and analytical strategies geared toward standardized tests, but also essential to instill her students with confidence and calm when approaching their college exams. Susan gives simulated practice tests so that students can each see the progress they are making, allowing them to learn the best test-taking skills needed to confidently take these key college entrance exams.